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Anger issues

There are lots of things that annoy me

  • Spam callers

  • Nosey neighbours

  • Empty packets in the fridge

  • Bully's

  • Liars

I could go on, and on, but that would be annoying.

To me the one thing that really pisses me off (other than those lying bastards who make false allegations) is when I get told,

"I need to forgive them, it takes a strong person to forgive"

Or my other favourite,

"I need to forgive them, otherwise I will be full of bitterness and hate, which will destroy me"


What planet are these people on?

We're not talking about someone nicking my last rolo, we're talking about someone ruining my families life!

I'm sure you have seen these lovely inspirational quotes which are all over social media about forgiveness, well I decided to make my own one.

It is that dreaded anger and bitterness that fuels me to change this injustice.

They have created a society in which the stigma related to many of these false allegations is huge, which is a great advantage for those trying to hit targets, it creates fear, fear of violence, fear of exclusion, fear of judgment, again the list goes on.

This fear is totally understandable, but it stops people speaking out, which means they can carry on, they can dismiss the odd one that does speak out, as a bit mental, or worse a mad conspiracy theorist.

Could you imagine if we all stood up?

That is strength.

The 1st of January 2023 is the start of the awareness year for false allegations, and I will not be hiding, I will be out, talking to people, petitioning, up and down the country, amongst other things, doing all them things mad conspiracy theorists do!

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