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Attempted murder, neglect courtesy of the state.

I hate the powers that be for allowing, encouraging, and rewarding people for lying with ever fiber of my being.

I hate the fact that, in a panic, they changed the entire approach to investigating complaints to,

'we won't investigate, we will believe you, no matter what you claim'.

Then to add insult to injury, we will give you thousands of pounds for your story to help you with your "trauma", regardless of if we charge anyone, let alone get a guilty verdict!

It's like writing a story for a magazine, but getting paid even if they think it's rubbish and don't use it.

My family has been destroyed by this panicked, rushed decision.

My innocent partner is currently on day 21 without food at the lovely HMP Liverpool, why, because he is innocent and facing life in prison.

He was only in HMP Liverpool for trial (which was a joke I talk about that in previous blogs) and then he was meant to be sent back to HMP Full Sutton. He was never meant to be at HMP Liverpool at all, due to threats on his life, this was specified by a judge, but in true fashion the prison service ignored it.

He has been waiting for 21 days to be returned, he has had multiple threats to his life, he has had to isolate, HMP Liverpool have been unable to house him on a wing, so he has been stuck on the induction wing, which means I have been unable to visit him as,

"they don't do visits for the induction wing, I will be able to see him once he is allocated a wing".

I swear I'm going dizzy from all the circles I'm going in!

Anyway yesterday, day 20 without food he has been moved so he can be under constant watch, as his health has, unsurprisingly, seriously deteriorated.

This has left me waiting for the dreaded phonecall telling me that he is dead, as where they have moved him to, he can no longer phone me, it has left us both without any contact with each other and I am genuinely fearful for his life now.

Our solicitor and myself have contacted the prison numerous times by email and phone - no response.

We have also contacted our MP Peter Dowd, who is currently waiting for a reply from HMP Liverpool.

I have also contacted the PPO (prison and probation ombudsman) twice, who are "looking into it".

We have also contacted the CQC (care quality commission) as he hasn't been receiving his medication.

We are rapidly running out of time, this is the reality of a

"victim-focused investigation".

False allegations are common place, we know it, the powers that be know it, just admit you got it wrong and stop thousands of people having to live this nightmare.

This is no longer only a false allegation, it is now attempted murder!

HMP Liverpool 'should be shut down' says chief inspector of prisons

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