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But why?

Right so what can I say about today, the good news is the electrics seemed to be working, and we didn't have an evacuation notice, so I'm going to take that as a win.

My innocent partner took the stand today, and I am pleased to say he handled it really well. There was one point I thought he might lose it, as they asked him the same question 16 times!

But he didn't.

Now I know, they do ask the same question in different roundabout ways, in the hope of tripping someone up, but this was the exact same question, of "why did you say no comment under interview" for every charge.

"Because I was advised to by my solicitor".

At what was approximately the 10th time of asking, the prosecution barrister, said "well you could still answer, it is only advice". Then they continued with the previous question, seeming surprised when he replied with the same answer he had given the previous 10 times!

Now as much as we are aware it is only advice, I think it is fair to say, following a solicitor (not a duty) advice is generally considered a good idea.

The prosecution barrister also couldn't understand the term "maintaining innocence", I must admit I do feel like printing out the definition for them!

As they went through all the charges from the previous trial individually, and with each one, asking why he committed that offence, and then seemed shocked when he said he didn't.

It reminded me of a small child when they keep asking "but why?"

They still didn't understand when he stated that the previous trial, which resulted in a wrongful guilty verdict was going to appeal, after being found guilty at a second trial, due to a hung jury the first time.

On the plus side he now understands how I feel when trying to talk to the prison service, I get more response from a wall.

We also had our witnesses in court today, who were amazing, and proved themselves to be very credible.

I want it to be noted that although the claimant has a couple of sisters in the gallery (one of them being the one the police have threatened to prosecute as they have made numerous allegations) and they are being vocal, from the gallery, (they have been told off a few times now) not one of them has stood as a witness for her. They obviously believe that calling him a liar and other various obscenities from the sidelines is more productive.

So we are back again in the morning, for another fun filled day of lies, incompetence and stupidity.

Oh the joys!

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