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Corruption and Bias - The Next Chapter

Where to start?

This is the latest chapter of insane injustice and madness that is my life.

As I'm sure many of you are aware I was outside Liverpool Crown Court, with my daughter, banner and petition last Thursday in an attempt to raise awareness to to the prevalence and impact of false allegations, unfortunately we had to cut it short due to some bad news. I choose last Thursday as a starting point for the year long campaign as my innocent partner was attending his plea hearing, via video link, a plea of not guilty.

As you may remember my innocent partner, who after appearing in the media, had a troll crawl out from under their mould covered rock, having seen the £££££ signs flash before their eyes, and jumped up and went

It's interesting as my partner is not the first poor soul, or even the second she has accused. Her sister has also made that many false claims that the biased in blue have told her that if she reports anymore, she will be prosecuted - the fact that she should be prosecuted regardless is obviously irrelevant!

So the basic rundown is origianally there was 400 charges, apparently he used to sexually abuse her nearly every day for years (you would have thought he would get bored, but obviously not). It then got dropped to 3 charges. He appeared at Magistrates Court and he obviously pleaded not guilty, I should point out that one of the dates of the alleged abuse he was actually in prison.

After the magistrate saying,

"if you just plead guilty now we can deal with it today"

Followed by asking why there had been no application for bail (he is serving 16 years) the case was referred to Crown Court, our confidence in the court system completely non-existent.

Petition Day

It was the plea hearing in Liverpool Crown Court, via video link.

The previous day I spoke to the solicitor, who informed me that it had now gone down to 2 charges, out of 400.

I think I need to point out that everything to do with the solicitor has had to go through me. This is due to HMP Full Sutton repeatedly denying his basic human right to a fair trial (the Human Rights Act 1998, Article 6, Section 2b) to have "adequate time and facilities for the preparation for his defence". This is because they have constantly found reasons he could not see his solicitor, either in person, or via video link. He met with them at the beginning of October for an hour, since then they have been repeatedly attempting to see him, they have finally got a date on the 20th of January - after 2 court appearances!

Hasten to add the legal team have applied to the court to get him transferred as they can not get access, our solicitor has been practicing for 23 years, and has repeatedly stated "she has never known a prison like it".

Back to the Crown Court plea hearing, normally a relatively straight forward process,

"How do you plead? - Not guilty"

A date is set for the trial, at the end of never blah, blah, blah.

But no.

If you remember in the original trial, and the re-trial, after getting a hung jury (majority not guilty though), the Judge had reserved our case, from the first bail hearing. The re-trial consisted of of a jury containing 2 Police Officers and a Solicitor, absolutely no evidence, her having to be given her statement on the stand, and the Judge telling the jury

"to discount that as it is not a memory test".

This means that in a court, not only do they not need evidence, you also do not need to remember what happened = The Great British Justice System.

Anyway back to the plea hearing, and guess what, it's our friend - the same Judge. Now this is not a little Crown Court, this is Liverpool, so it is interesting (that's me being polite) that we have him again.

So, the long and short of it is my innocent partner never got to make his plea, as after the Judge spoke to the prosecution, and said "well that's what he is already in for" and continued to bring up various cautions he has had, without any paperwork. I have said before, he is no angel, but there is a huge difference between being no angel, and a paedophile and sex offender. They even brought up the fact that he was taken in for questioning regarding a serious assault.


No Charge, No Arrest!!!

The other important fact here is that we had the same solicitor for the last trial, she is great. She has got us a shit hot barrister, who doesn't do legal aid work. She has called in a favour, which is not only amazing, but also speaks volumes.

This has not pleased our friendly non-biased and non-corrupt judge, who has set the trial dates for dates that said barrister is unavailable - obviously this is just a coincidence of course.

So we go from,

400 charges to,

3 charges to,

2 charges to,

8 charges to (in courtroom) needs to be discussed.

The end result was the prosecution have to go away and think about how many charges to bring, 8 was discussed in the courtroom, however this is not a final decision, after all they now have all this new information that has been disclosed by the Judge.

So no plea heard, no legal visits for 2 court appearances, and we go to trial in 4 months!

I discovered all of this while petitioning outside Liverpool Crown Court, to say that I went in to shock would be an understatement, even I never foresaw this level of injustice.

I have pulled up my big girl pants and brushed myself off, and I am back fighting until my last breath, after all if we don't, who will?

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Jan 09, 2023

Thinking of you & your family. Your story does not surprise at all. My family received unbelievable, unprofessional treatment from this court & its judges & some of their local barristers. I have all the transcripts to prove this. After fighting back for years I discovered that all that matters to these ppl is their personal targets, promotion & pension. I know of many innocent families who have been treated appallingly & many who have died from cancer due to the way the justice system (they actually had trusted) treated them. Many have gone before you. I’m so proud of you & your work in highlighting the many injustices that have occurred. Sending love & strength to you al…


Sally Brown
Sally Brown
Jan 09, 2023

Good luck. I’ve had police officers commit perjury against me, it’s part of their job to lie unfortunately. Thinking of you and your partner. There are too many innocent people in prison.

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