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Count to 10 and other rubbish.

Above is the summary of the last fortnight of my life, and people wonder why I have a short fuse!

They say count to 10 when you're about to lose your temper, or say something that you might regret, 10, seriously I'm not convinced 110 would even make an impact. The other great advice I have received from various councillors/therapist's is to breathe, wow really, I hadn't thought of breathing!

So, when this week I receive a phone call from our solicitor to say "you remember that lying skank that crawled out from under a rock after seeing your man on the news? The one that tried to bring 400 charges of sexual assault against him?" like I could forget something so trivial (I'm rolling my eyes) "well the CPS have approved 3 charges and the first court appearance is just before Christmas."

Happy Christmas to us!

Now having counted to 10, breathed and had a cup of tea, I am still extremely pissed and angry, I have no idea why, after all I have done what I was told to!

This particular thing (I refuse to use the term person) has previous form for this sort of thing, as does 'its' sister, who has been told if they report another false claim they will be prosecuted, the fact that they haven't been, is a whole different source of anger.

What I don't understand is how they can decide that 397 charges are rubbish, but that 3 are obviously real, well worth a try at least, after all he is an easy target, as a convicted sex offender, the fact that he was convicted with no evidence is not important, the fact she admitted lying in court is not important, the fact that the grandmother admitted in court sending him the photos he had on his phone (not explicit) is not important, I could go on.

So here we go again, back to court, again.

I have been told many times by various 'so called' professionals to try and focus on the positive, I know they are funny, honest, so that is what I am doing.

My positive - this has made me more determined. I will bring a stop to this money fuelled witch-hunt, I will not be scared into keeping quiet, I will make the courts require evidence again and I will not be alone, many are already standing with me. This will start with the candlelight vigil outside the Royal Court of Justice, London on the 9th of December 2022 at 2.30pm, for all those who will not be with us this Christmas.

Then as of January 2023 I will be visiting different parts of the country, armed with information and a petition (yes, a paper one) in a bid to actually speak to people and explain this farcical injustice. Keep an eye on the events page, I will say where and when I will be. There are also other plans in the pipeline, I will keep you updated, like I said I will not hide away. I hope many more will join me.

Together we are stronger,

Together we are unstoppable,

United we are a mighty force!

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