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Downs and ups

Well the theme of the week continued this morning, we arrived at the court just before 10, queued up for 15 minutes waiting to be searched, queued up for the lift as I want to live to the end of the trial, and we're on the 5th floor, literally just arrived at the court, our solicitor is walking towards me, and then "ATTENTION" bellows over the speakers.

You guessed it, yet again we are all evacuated, this time for over an hour, and of course it was at this point it started to rain.

So with a late start too the day, again, back in we go.

Today was the closing speeches, and I must say that today is the first time I have had a slight glimmer of hope.

The prosecution barrister went first, they basically spent 20 minutes saying well he has done it before, still ignoring that he maintains innocence, so are we to believe he wouldn't do it again. Followed by, it is completely understandable that she can not remember any details, like where it supposedly happened, if it was night or day etc, after all, it happened that much it all just was a normal part of life, like driving to work, but not remembering the drive (that was the phrase they used).

I know!

Then it was our barristers turn, and I would just like to say he was brilliant. He pulled apart the prosecution's speech. My personal favourite was when he pointed out that in her cross examination she had stated he had orally raped her over 2 thousand times, and it took place everyday or every other day. His question,

Is he circumcised?

She couldn't remember!

He destroyed every point the prosecution had mentioned, and a few they hadn't thought of, amazing.

I must admit it was during this closing speech, the sisters who had been very vocal in the public gallery had obviously run out of one syllable words, as they went very quiet.

It was nice to leave the court with a slightly optimistic frame of mind, not that I have chickens, but if I did I certainly wouldn't be counting them yet.

I'm going to spend the next 2 days trying to get some sleep as the sandman has been AWOL this week, and I am exhausted, but I will be ready to start again on Monday.

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