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Duty of care????

I am writing this as an update on what happens when the justice system knowingly gets it wrong, without any evidence, just who the jury "think" is telling the truth, on the advice of the judge!

  • Devastation

  • Fear

  • Violence

  • Sickness

  • Despair

  • Grief

  • Anger

  • Isolation

Unfortunately I'm not new to this life, and very little surprises me anymore, but I would be lying if I said I'm not really struggling.

This is our third false allegation in 4 years, but remember according to the powers that be they are 'extremely rare'. Well if one every 16 months is extremely rare, I wouldn't want to know what they class as common.

Anyway I digress, so since we received the completely unjust guilty verdict for the second time, I now know that I am in hell, I have watched my family destroyed, my children's education taken away, their futures disappeared in front of me. I have had to be strong and I have fought with everything I have, but it is not enough!

I fight the system, I fight for my kids, I fight for my innocent partner, I fight for change, but this latest fight is the hardest yet, I am fighting for my partner's life!

Anyone who has had any dealings with the prison system will be well aware that you are better off having a conversation with a wall, you get more response.

My innocent partner is currently being held in HMP Liverpool (Walton to those of us old enough to remember). If you have followed my journey over the last few years you will be aware we have had a lot of problems with Walton, so much so when this trial was being organised the judge stated that he was not to be transferred back to Walton for trial, they ignored him as well, at least they're consistent I suppose!

So the latest fight is that since getting a guilty verdict things have gone from extremely bad to life threatening!

He has been on the induction wing since the 15th October, that's 24 days today, why, because he is not safe anywhere else, he managed 6 hours on the VP wing, I feel that I should point out that the VP wing in Walton is NOT a VP wing, it is a mains wing for people that owe money.

He is receiving his medication sporadically at best, medication that according to the NHS must be consistent, and only stopped under medical supervision, well he has had it once in the last 6 days!

Almost a week ago he was assessed by the mental health team who said he needed to be transferred to healthcare, I'm guessing they couldn't find a pen as they never filled in the paperwork. He was then told that there is a waiting list (you obviously need to pre-book any sickness). This was then followed by he can NOT go to healthcare as they can NOT guarantee his safety -


Now obviously he is under an Act because of his state of mind, which took a lot of energy to get him assessed, I can't think why, he is constantly being threatened and attacked, and looking at life in prison for something he hasn't done, I know he's such a drama queen.

In a bid to get back to the prison he came from, where all his stuff is, where he has friends, where he gets his medication, and where he is safer, he has stopped eating.

Today is day 18 without food!

To say he is not doing well is an understatement, he hasn't left the cell he is in or eaten for 18 days!

Myself and other members of the family have been constantly contacting HMP Liverpool, phonecalls and emails. The solicitor has also been contacting them, and guess what we have heard absolutely nothing!

I have also contacted the PPO (prison and probation ombudsman) who have replied to me saying they will look into it, but that's it. I have now got the MP involved as well.

HMP Liverpool seem to ignore everyone, it wasn't that long ago they had 3 suicides in 2 weeks, I will not have my innocent partner another statistic in their failings of their duty of care!

Not to mention the CM and SO that are due in court next month for manslaughter charges.

The list could go on, all they need to do is send him back, he was only there for court, but they seem unable and uninterested.

They will have to contact me soon to tell me my partner is dead, his body is shutting down now after being on hunger strike for 18 days.

Duty of care, a blatent lie!

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