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Here we go again

So here I am back at my favourite place, Liverpool crown court, for what should be day 2 of trial number 3. However yesterday was cancelled due to a issue with the prosecution barrister.


Now for those of you don't know my innocent partner is currently 3 and a half years in to a 16 year sentence.


Before the "no smoke without fire" brigade start, I was there, I know what evidence they had, none.


It took 2 trials to get a conviction, trial number 1 resulted in a hung jury, 8 innocent, 3 guilty, 1 went off sick, so as we were really lucky we got to do it all over again.


Unfortunately this time they decided he wouldn't walk away, let's just say the powers that be had taken a dislike to him, mainly because he had the audacity to get the 'hump' at being called a sex offender, I know strange that!


Anyway, very long story short, absolutely no evidence just a delusional statement, so delusional that she couldn't remember anything, for example at one point it was the summer, then 10 minutes later, it was Christmas, now I know time flies, but seriously!


Her amnesia was that bad that in the end the judge told her legal team to give her a copy of her statement, while she was on the stand. Then turned to the jury, and said "discount that as it is not a memory test"!


Next there was some photos, 3 of them, not explicit or sexual, just normal photos, which they tried to say he had for his sexual gratification, these photos were shown to the courtroom. Now I'm not being funny, you pick up a newspaper or magazine any day of the week and a large percentage of the pictures wouldn't look out of place in a soft porn publication, these didn't even come close. Then to add insult to injury the grandmother admitted on the stand that she had sent them to him!


When you add to that she admitted on the stand that she had lied about some of the charges, not all of them though, but what I thought was interesting was that she admitted lying about the first ones, is that because she felt that she had got better at lying?


Not to mention the conversation I witnessed while sitting in the public gallery, all of 3ft away from me, between the prosecution barrister and the police officer who was giving evidence (I use that term extremely loosely) saying how this was a "pointless case"!


Then the icing on the cake, the jury at the retrial, supposedly picked at random, just so happened to include 2, yes 2 police officers and a solicitor. These are people whom have received training to "believe the victim" ( a term I say through gritted teeth) after all we can't have a non-biased investigation into allegations!

So bringing it forward to today, and trial number 3.

After getting an unjust guilty verdict the hacks were circling, well virtually at least, as I never saw one actually in the courtroom. This was shown by their incompetent reporting, and being factually incorrect, so much so, the complaint was upheld by the IPSO (independent press standards organisation) and had to issue an apology, and correct their publication.

Anyway , I digress, it was a couple of days after his photo was in the media, a new complaint was made against him, hasten to add why we are here.

This complaint would make a laughable story, if the consequences weren’t so devastating. To start with the number of charges has varied, it started at 400, then down to 7, then 3, then 4, then 7, then 3 (again) it has settled now at 16, at least at the moment.

I also find it interesting that he has supposedly abused this creature everyday for 20 years, you would have thought he would of got bored, but according to her apparently not.

In fact he was that desperate, according to her timeline, he escaped prison, without anyone noticing, abused her and then done a Norman Stanley Fletcher from Porridge and snuck back in and no one was any the wiser, honest!

I think it is also important to point out that he is not the first person she has accused, he is the third, not to mention her sister has made countless accusations about different men, so much so that the police have told her if she does it again, she will be prosecuted!

I’m sure that any person with half a brain cell would question the motives of the complainant (could it be the thousands of pounds in compensation?) But not the CPS!

Anyway back to today, day 2 of the trial, and what have we achieved today, absolutely nothing.

As I said earlier, yesterday was cancelled, so today the jury were sworn in. It was then the problems began, there were problems with the electrics, followed by a jury member needing to see their ‘therapist’ before continuing (they had only been sworn in) another jury member recognising my partner and another being friends with one of the police officers in the court. This results in we have to start all over, from scratch tomorrow, with a new jury, so far this trial has cost the tax payer in excess of £6000 and absolutely nothing has happened, tax payers money well spent obviously!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring, a dunking chair possibly?

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