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Hypocrisy and Inconsistency

The hypocrisy of the powers that be, not to mention our friends, the biased in blue are absolutely outstanding, as so many of us have had the misfortune of discovering at the hands of our "Great British Injustice System".

In my living nightmare, as you may remember my innocent partner, like many of us, is currently serving a 16 year prison sentence. This is after being found guilty by a jury without any evidence, not to mention the complainant admitting they had lied about some of the charges, and obviously not being able to recall when, where and what happened, resulting in them having to be given their statement, while on the stand. This prompted the Judge to direct the jury by saying "discount the fact she couldn't remember as it is not a memory test".

No Evidence = Guilty

We are obviously living in "opposite World" as I have recently discovered, having an abundance of evidence means absolutely nothing.

Back in November 2021 my then 17 year old daughter was physically assaulted, in front of me. This is something I haven't really spoken about as we have been awaiting trial, however unsurprisingly, yet again the biased in blue have failed us, so I have decided to share their incompetence.

November 2021, my daughter and I have gone to pick her friend up, who was with her ex-boyfriend (who was known for being aggressive). My daughter was very concerned for her friend and tried to phone her to make sure she was alright - no answer. Then her phone rings and it is the ex, on her friends phone, basically telling my daughter to go away (or words to that affect) and that she couldn't speak to her friend. I could hear the conversation, in fairness I think they could hear it in Timbuktu.

We find them, ironically about 2 minutes from the police station, although it might as well of been 2 hours. I stop the car, my daughter gets out, see's her friend and is met by a torrent of abuse by the ex, by the time I had got out of the car and joined her he was right in her face, shouting, which was bad enough, but having to endure his breath!

I feel that I need to point out my daughter is only 4ft 10, unlike this 17 year old meatloaf lookalike. As he was right up in her face, she tried to push him away. His response was to punch her in the face, get her in a headlock and repeatedly punch her in the stomach, I know such a sweetheart. I am there, trying to pull him off of her and ended up hitting a concreate post, meanwhile my daughters friend is standing there, frozen, in shock I assume.

He finally releases her and there is lots of shouting as you can imagine, I say just let me get both the girls in the car, my daughter is standing there bleeding from her nose and eye, or I'm going to the police station, remember it's only 2 minutes away. Now if he had half a braincell he would of said "go", but he hasn't got half a braincell, he is a "dead ringer" for a moron.

He is more concerned that he has lost one of his Airpods!

Even more amazingly he would not let my daughters friend leave, until SHE had found his Airpods. I had had enough by this point and went to the police station and rung the bell, after all it was 7 o'clock on Friday evening, I spoke to someone on the intercom, obviously I was slightly stressed, as my daughter was still over with her friend, and meatloaf, so the very understanding biased in blue informed me someone would be right out.

20 minutes later 2 biased in blue appeared, they obviously had to finish their coffee first!

They came out, saw the state of my daughter and arrested meatloaf. They took my daughter so she could give a statement, which had to be cut short so she could be taken up to the hospital.

Long story short, a broken nose, bad concussion and lots of bruising.

So moving on, because they were both 17 at the time, the case gets referred to "Youth Justice" or a better name "youth disinterest".

Over the next few months they contact my daughter (she's now turned 18) at least 6 times trying to persuade her to accept a letter of apology, even though 3 months after the attack meatloaf was still sending text messages to her friends threatening her, which we took to the police ( 3 guesses who wasn't interested?) a letter should be totally acceptable, after all they are saving us the inconvenience of having to go to court, they really are so thoughtful!

I just love the consistency of our legal system, meatloaf does actual bodily damage, he could write a letter to say sorry, but yet the government are looking at bringing in a Bill that means a man could get up to 2 years in prison for cat calling, obviously words are more damaging, in a world where everyone is offended.

"Sexual harassment on the street will be made a crime with jail sentences of up to two years, the government has said. Catcalling, following someone and blocking their path will be criminalised in England under plans backed by the Home Secretary".

I am sure it is no surprise that every time they suggested this kind resolution, they were very kindly told where to put the letter (in a very dark place). The contact from the "youth disinterest" slowly started to dwindle, which was put down to court backlogs - wrong.

Bringing the story to today, well last week (January 2023) my daughter contacts the "youth disinterest" to find out if they have an update for her.

They did - apparently they had tried to phone her a couple of times in March 2022, that is 11 months ago. This was to inform her that, back in March, as he was very sorry, he had had to attend a course!

A fucking course!!!!

As you will be well aware my experience with the biased in blue isn't great to say the least, and I have zero faith in their ability, so to say that I wasn't very happy is an understatement, IOPC here we come....

The only problem is that we cant find the crime number, so my daughter, having only just got off of the phone to the woman who has been dealing with her case since the start at the "youth disinterest" she messages her asking for the crime number, the response says it all".

So having now got the crime number, not from "youth disinterest" the complaint has gone into the IOPC, not that I expect anything to come from it, after all,

  • I would have expected meatloaf to be prosecuted,

  • I would of expected youth justice, having not had an answer on the phone to, of, maybe sent a letter,

  • an email,

  • possibly even sent a PCSO to explain the situation,

  • I also would have expected someone who works for youth justice to know what a crime number is!

I know I expect to much!

This leads me to an interesting conclusion

No Evidence, just one persons story = Guilty

Evidence, Guilt Admitted = Let Off

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