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Lies and incompetence

If you saw my last blog post you'll know that a money grabbing troll, crawled out from under is rock, after seeing my innocent partner, who was sentenced to 16 years, with NO EVIDENCE in the media (not that they would share that little insignificant detail). This made them see £££ signs, after all they get thousands of pounds even if it doesn't go to court.

So 'little miss Pinocchio' goes and says that he has sexually assaulted her numerous times, and we get told that the 'biased in blue' have put forward 400 charges to the CPS, yes 400.

Months later we get informed that the CPS have approved 3, so they have refused 397 charges of sexual assault, you would have thought that it would make someone scratch their head, but no, that would take some brain power.

It gets better, yes I am rolling my eyes and sighing loudly.

So the 'biased in blue' turn up to see him at the prison, which in itself is impressive, as last time when they put a warrant out for him for non-payment of fines, he was where he is now, but he is really good at hide and seek, so good they couldn't find him!

I need to point out just how good their investigating skills are, the fines were from a motoring offence, a motoring offence that he was sent a court summons for, which he never attended as he didn't receive it as he was at her Majesty's pleasure, but a different one at this time, I know it's confusing for them, they must of had smoke coming out of their ears!

Anyway, back to these 3 out of 400 charges. They have successfully found him and turned up to charge him, 2 of them are from some point 20 to 30 years ago, yes it's that vague, but I have saved the best till last.

Apparently it's gone on all little miss Pinocchio's life, and the most recent, according to the charge paperwork the 'biased in blue' have issued him with is between 2021-22, which is really impressive as he has been in prison for something he didn't do since March 2020!

Seriously you couldn't make this stuff up!

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