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Male victims of domestic abuse day the 2nd of November

Men are the only non-protected section of society, they are portrayed as sexual predators, waiting to attack the nearest woman by media and feminazi propaganda.

All people should be able to live without fear, and it should be taken seriously when a complaint is made, not dismissed.

Men need our help, after all do you really believe that your son, brother and father is a violent sexual Predator?

No, men can be victims too, they are most definitely victims of a sexually discriminate society.

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1 Comment

I no a women who got away with multiple attacks stalking an police did nothing wtf if a man did any same he’d be ruined Her name CLARE Ritchie from Swadlincote a monster of a women covered for her peedo ex aswell wen peedo hunters got him Why is an animal like her aloud to get away with stuff like that police should be ashamed there as bad as her !!!

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