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No accountability

I want to start this blog post of by saying a huge thank you to all those who shared my last post, especially those who tagged HMP Liverpool, as they blocked me a few years ago after I complained about the amount of cockroaches in their establishment (I know how dare I).

Two hours after the post went out, I received an email containing 4 emails that had been written to me over the last month, none of which said anything, but that's not the point, they had them!

Four hours after, we received a phonecall from HMP Liverpool telling us that the transfer had been put in, and was IMMINENT.

Well I think someone needs to go back to school for English language lessons. According to the definition for 'imminent' is

  1. likely to occur at any moment; impending: Her death is imminent.

It has been 8 days and there is still no sign of him being moved, so not imminent, more, when we get round to it!

Now I know that 8 days might not sound like long, but when you have been locked in a very small room already for 22 days with NO social interaction, No human contact, except for abuse being shouted at you, NO prescribed medication, NO exercise, NO fresh air, No shower and NO food, 8 days is a very long time.

This is inhumane, no human being should be kept like this, if he was a dog there would be an outcry, but he is a prisoner, so no one cares. The fact that he is innocent is ignored, after all there's no smoke without fire!

To say he is in a bad way would be an understatement, he hadn't eaten for 21 days, his organs have started to shut down, his mental health is non-existant , understandably, things really are not looking good.

So in a panic, at this being put out into the public domain, I believe HMP Liverpool lied about his transfer back to HMP Full Sutton. Myself and the family backed off, my partner started eating small amounts, and they believed all was good.

They are wrong!

As of yesterday my partner has stopped eating again, which is beyond worrying as his body is all ready in a very bad way, he is of the mindset he would rather die than spend another day there.

By lying to him (and me) they have given him false hope, (I suppose they have to give him something, after all they aren't giving him anything else) which for someone who is already in, what can only be described as an extremely fragile state, is dangerous.

They do not care.

People say to me "but they can't do that", it infuriates me, because they do, they shouldn't, but they do, it's that simple.

Where is the accountability???

It is non-existant, they have inspections, a box ticking exercise.

The judge ordered he should not be transferred to HMP Liverpool because of threats to his life, he was.

The judge then ordered he was to be moved, he wasn't, they meant to move him after court, but they forgot his paperwork, convenient.

I have contacted the PPO who have told me that he has to contact them, which, obviously he is unable to do. I continue to contact them.

The solicitor has contacted them numerous times - nothing.

The MP has contacted them, guess what he is still waiting.

But "they can't do that".

I am desperately trying and preying we can get him moved before it is to late, and his time is running out, this really is hell on earth.

All this because of a lie, they got rewarded with thousands of pounds and we got a death sentence, the great British injustice system.

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