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Pomp, Ceremony and Injustice

I'm back from a very busy few days, almost 600 miles travelled, the best of British weather, rain, sun and snow, a long trip to London town, the home of our great injustice system. A place of pomp and ceremony, we witnessed this with what appeared to be something from "Monty Python" and their ministry of silly walks taking place outside Buck house, how to make a shift change look interesting.

Another thing this country is known for is it's Great British Justice System (I know I'm a comedian). This was the reason for the road trip, to mark all those who will be missing this Christmas because of lies, stolen away, kidnapped at the hands of our so-called Justice System, all because those in power are cowards and refuse to speak out and hold their hands up and say, "sorry, we messed up", they are all well aware, many have spoken about it anonymously of course (for example The Secret Barrister) the politicians, the police, solicitors, barristers, the list goes on.

On my way to the Royal Court of Justice I decided to take in a few sites responsible for the kidnap of so many people.

I was pleased to see approximately 40-50 people outside the Royal Court of Justice, flying the flag for injustice.

Ordinary people, with ordinary lives that have been torn apart by lies, all with their own heart-breaking stories, all with one important thing in common No Evidence presented in court, just one person's story, a person who will be paid (sorry, compensated) and protected for telling it.

Below are some pictures from the day.

A statement read out by the lovely Angela but written by K Harvey Proctor, a former MP.

I would like to thank everyone who made the trip into the "smoke" and thank you for being brave and standing up for what is right, I hope that your bravery inspires the many others who have been affected by this injustice, and I look forward to seeing you all at the next one.

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Dec 13, 2022

You were all fantastic to even get there, as some may know my trains were cancelled good old Avanti...not. I was gutted not to be standing along side all who have worked so hard to make the vigil happen. Seeing the Falsely Accused Day come to fruition was a comfort in itself. We can see that someone is trying to do something for the false accused. We will keep fighting for the falsely accused. Next year being Awareness Year, let's hope you can all join in with that too. One whole year to get the message across FALSE ALLEGATIONS ARE NOT RARE!


Joe Chapman
Joe Chapman
Dec 12, 2022

It is pleasing that you had the numbers that you did at the vigil, albeit you were overshadowed by the postal workers strike. How many people do you have on board who have access to those in positions of power? If you are intending to continue the campaign to influence the decision makers, you need at least one or two people who have some credibility within government. Good luck with this in 2023👍

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