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The End

Sorry for the delay with this post, but the last few days have been a rollercoaster ride which Alton towers would be proud of.

On Friday you may remember, we were given a glimmer of hope as our barrister was amazing, he absolutely destroyed every argument the prosecution out forward. He explained that there was absolutely NO EVIDENCE, that the complainant, who states that "they never lie" was caught lying more times than I could count. Sometimes just about silly things like,

"I don't smoke, drink or take drugs"

Then 2 minutes later,

"When I went outside for a ciggie"

I'm sure you get the idea, I could go on for ages, but life's too short!

It was pointed out that she had said this happened every day, or every other day for 5 or 6 years (it depends on what she said last as it kept changing) even though during this time my innocent partner spent 6 months living 400 miles away, she didn't know anything about that, it was at least every other day!

Now I'm not being funny, I'm sure he could have found someone nearer to where he was living to play with it, but apparently not, and he did not let a little thing like a 800 mile round trip stop him.

I could keep going there really is so much, the jury were told numerous times that there was NO EVIDENCE at all in this case and as such they could not be SURE so they need to return a not guilty verdict.

The jury were out for 5 hours, then we were called in because they had a question, which was,

"As there is no stated evidence at all like DNA or fingerprints, do we have to make a decision on just a testimony?"

The judges answer was,

"You have to base your decision on all the evidence, in this case there is no facts of evidence, like DNA. It is up to you to decide if you THINK he is guilty or not."

Not wanting to point out the obvious, but seriously, what happened to SURE, to start with?

We all went again, 15 minutes later we are called back in for a verdict.

Guilty on all 16 counts.

He won't be sentenced until next month but we are looking at approximately 15 years on top of the 16 he is already serving.

31 years, if he ever gets out as he will be in his 70's, all with NO EVIDENCE, our lives have been totally destroyed and they have walked away with thousands of pounds.

The British Injustice System at its best.

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Liz Yeld
Liz Yeld
Oct 03, 2023

These are the most terrifying times.

Another appalling injustice based on USSR style tactics.


Shocking. Terrifying. It happened to me 23 years ago and I warned this False Allegations Industry would take over the world.


This is just happening way to much,when you are put into a similar situation it really opens your eyes. ..


Sep 27, 2023

A total farce & another TOTAL miscarriage of JUSTICE 🤬

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