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United Against injustice conference


Well I'm absolutely shattered today, but it was worth it, I spent yesterday at the United Against injustice conference in Liverpool. I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved in organising a great event.

The levels of injustice in this country are completely unacceptable, but it's not talked-about in the mainstream media, which means that those of us who have some knowledge, or unfortunately have experienced the corruption and incompetence are portrayed as mad conspiracy theorists, I think they have visions of of us all walking around with armadillo helmets on like sheev from the dukes of hazzard.

I would just like to say a special well done to Dale Brendan Hyde, who on walking through the door got asked to speak, completely unprepared, you did a blinding job.

Thank you to all involved, I'm looking forward to next year.

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Wish I'd been there Jo. Next year for sure 🙏

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