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A quiet evening

To say I'm angry doesn't explain how I feel today. Those who say a false allegation doesn't cause lasting damage obviously have never had one made against them, or maybe they're guilty of making one and they tell themselves that to ease their conscience.

Last night my son who is now 17 was attacked and robbed, why, because when he was 14 and being bullied a false allegation that he had raped a 12 year old girl was made, not by the girl but by the person "Peter" (if you read my story from hell it explains more).

Peter has been picking on my son since primary school. It took 6 months before the police NFA (no further action) the case against my son.

So 3 years later, he is attacked while buying a pizza with his friend, because he is a "sex offender" that was the term used when I caught up with the bastards later that night!

This was revenge for when he stuck up for himself 18 months ago, yes that's right 18 months and he lost it after we had had the house attacked and his younger sister had been harassed and bullied so much she can no longer go to school, all she can manage now is 2 evenings a week at college, for which I have to be with her, she is now 14.

So I spend the evening in the car with my eldest, looking for these lovely model citizens, we eventually find these lads, who are still holding my lads leather jacket.

Now I'm not going to go into details, but after a polite conversation with them, it's sorted, and my son got his stuff back.

Now I'm sure some of you are thinking, well you should have gone to the police, and there's a good chance if that's your thought process, you haven't been falsely accused. This is because once you have been falsely accused the police have no interest, in your safety, well-being or anything else you say. As I have discovered over the last few years.

So when someone says that false allegations aren't a big deal, and the accused shouldn't be protected, their identity shouldn't be protected until they're found guilty in a court of law, think of this, my son never went to court, was never charged, it was investigated for 6 months and then NFA (no further action).

This is 3 years later, the hell continues.

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2 comentários

Fighting for the FA
Fighting for the FA
06 de nov. de 2022

Doesn't it just, before I end up inside would be nice x


06 de nov. de 2022

So sorry to read this. Something has to change!

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