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Day 3

Day 3, which is actually like day 1, as we have had to swear a new jury in, after yesterday's chaos, of therapists being needed to just be sworn in, friends of police officers, and work aquaintances all being on the randomly selected jury.

Now it would have been nice to think that the electrical problems we were experiencing yesterday, regarding video footage had been fixed, but guess what, nope, so yet again there were issues, but after a lot of patience we got through it.

These videos were the complainants pre-recorded statement and her cross examination, as being a vulnerable witness (meaning female) this all took place a couple of months ago at a section 28 hearing.

All I can say is that if blockbuster was still around, this video would definitely be found in the fantasy section.

Obviously I am unable to go into details as we are still at trial but I'm assuming as a small child she had a very vivid imagination, which has probably been nurtured by the large quantity of various illegal substances she has consumed over the years.

Unfortunately the screening of this fantasy blockbuster production was rudely interrupted, by a very loud alarm, and an evacuation order of the entire building. If you don't know Liverpool crown court it is huge, so completely evacuating took a while, especially when you are unable to use the lifts.

However, we have miraculously completed day 1 of trial 3, on day 3, tomorrow is another day, hopefully it will be a productive one.

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