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My journey through hell

The world turned upside-down and inside-out

They say to be falsely accused is rare, and to be found guilty of any sexual offence is extremely difficult. I’m not sure who they are?


My guess would be they are the same people that that deny corruption amongst our police force not to mention our Great British justice system. A justice system that no longer abides by the Law to presume that anyone charged with a criminal offence is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, not social media, not the newspapers, a court of law.


Well as false allegations are so rare, I must be the unluckiest person on earth. In February 2020 my then 14-year-old son phones me from school, he can hardly breathe, let alone speak. I finally make out something about him being called a nonce. So obviously I contact the school to discover that they have been given evidence that my 14-year-old son has raped a 12-year-old girl, a girl who was a friend of my 11-year-old daughter.


As expected, I spend the next few weeks in meetings with the school and the police as obviously the school have had to notify them, understandably. Although they are not allowed to tell me what evidence they have been given, they do tell me that the alleged rape took place in November 2019, 4 months previous. Which although isn’t a long time, it is from an evidence perspective, especially when the girl in question has been to our house on many numerous occasions, she even stayed for a week in January, voluntary she was perfectly happy, there was no awkwardness, quietness or fear which you would expect when staying with someone who raped you.


I then discover from my 11-year-old daughter that she had been receiving threatening text messages just before this ‘story’ came out. These were from an anonymous person (although I 100% know who it is) trying to get naked photos of my 11-year-old daughter. Obviously, she refused, they then threatened to get her brother arrested if she didn’t send them, she spoke to her brother who told her to block them and he thought that was that, oh how wrong he was.


Unknown to him they had also done the same with the girl in question, who stupidly sent a couple of photos. They then proceeded to blackmail her into this sick and twisted plot, which she felt she had no choice but to go along with as she was petrified the photos would be made public.

This is where the evidence came in, they got her to send a text message to, I’ll call him Peter saying what had supposedly happened. Peter then being a model citizen and obviously concerned for this young girl took this message to the deputy head of the school. I feel that I need to say Peter is a bully we have had problems with him since the boys were in primary school, it is also not the first time the school were made aware of these issues.


My son was then the subject of abuse and attacks, both in person and online. I discovered that day that he walked into school there was a large group waiting for him which then proceeded to verbally and physically attack him. Peter made posters with my son's photo on saying he was a nonce, we had the house attacked with eggs and bricks. My son had to be taken out of school for his own safety, as the school seemed very uninterested in his safety, and just said to contact the police if I was worried!


I was genuinely shocked of course I was worried; I’m showing them evidence of the threats he was receiving and by whom, but they did not want to know. The police were also a waste of oxygen, they didn’t want to know about anything other than the rape, the fact that my 11-year-old daughter was being blackmailed for naked photos wasn’t important.

So, this nightmare started in the February 2020, after a police investigation they finally NFA it in the July 2020. Now it is over a year since the charges have been NFA my son never returned to school, he was scared, he was still getting threats up to last month, august 2021. The latest threats he has been getting have finally been taken seriously by the police, well one police officer who was determined to find out who was behind it, and guess who it was, that’s right it was Peter!


So, my son left school with no GCSEs, very few friends and scared to leave the house, my daughter had to move schools and finds it extremely difficult to talk to people. As for Peter well him and his little gang finished school with their qualifications, the school never took my complaints seriously, so nothing has ever been done, although Peter as of last month, now has a community resolution order against him, WOW. Which apparently means he will be arrested if he contacts us again, we will see!

However, remembering how rare false allegations are rare, and because then this wasn’t quite enough my partner, who is amazing, who is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I get a phone call telling me he has been arrested in April 2020, 2 months after my son was first arrested. now this was just after the first lockdown started, it was horrendous, he pleaded not guilty in the magistrate's court, as he was not guilty.


Unfortunately, because he hit the roof when he discovered why he had been arrested (as any person would) he was refused bail as they said he was a threat to life!

This was the last time I saw him, he was on remand, it took just over a month for the prison to put my phone number on his pin, as I’m sure you can imagine I was going out of my mind, here I am with my son accused of rape and my partner in prison on remand and he can't even phone me, then add into this the country is in lockdown, so I can’t even get support or help from anywhere, it's just me and my 2 children against the world.


Now I am very aware my partner is no angel, I’m under no false illusions, he was a professional fighter, he has been in trouble with the police on occasion, he has been falsely accused of rape and sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl by his ex, who said she would finish him if he didn’t keep giving her money (he had a very successful business at this point). He knew there would be repercussions to him refusing, but they had only been together for 2 years and they had no joint children, he paid off the car for her and that was that as far as he was concerned, he was very wrong!

I finally get to see him in the beginning of August 2020, 4 months after he was arrested, for an hour on a closed visit. It was both great but awful to see him behind a piece of glass, we could barely hear each other. By this point I was no longer working my health had deteriorated due to the unimaginable amount of stress I was having to deal with because of these extremely rare false allegations!

So, we end up on trial in October 2020, it goes on for ages as it’s delayed in the middle due to covid as my partner has been transported in a sweatbox with someone who had tested positive, so into isolation he goes. This is the first trial, we have a hung jury 8 not guilty 3 guilty, 1 went off sick. This means we have to have a retrial; this takes place in April 2021. In court is the first time I have seen him since that one closed visit back in august and seen him is all I can say as I am unable to speak to him, all we can do is manage the odd wave. This time they are determined to get a conviction, we have 2 police officers and a solicitor on the jury, there is absolutely no evidence, I mean none.


The medical examiner said that there was no evidence, the police couldn’t find the video he supposedly took on his phone, which she later admitted she had made up! There were a few photos, not explicit ones that her nan admitted sending to him! She said on one of the occasions he raped her she didn’t know if his willy went in or not! They couldn’t remember what had happened, or if it was winter or summer, the judge told the jury to ignore that as "it’s not a memory test!"


On her birthday, a couple of months after he had been arrested, she said that she missed him and it wasn’t the same without him, she admitted that in the court!

There were no witnesses, except family members repeating what they had been told, which in most cases that wouldn’t be used as evidence as it classes as ‘hearsay’. There was no evidence found by the police on any electronic devices, there was no evidence found by the medical examiner!

He has been unanimously found guilty and been sentenced to 16 years in prison!

I have been told I have been groomed by him, I haven’t. I have been told I’m naïve, I’m not. I know he has not done this; my children are aware of all the charges and also do not believe them. My son wanted to speak for him in court, but my partner wouldn’t let him as he didn’t want to put him through the ordeal of the trial.


I will never understand how a jury can find someone guilty beyond reasonable doubt when there is absolutely no evidence, it is one person's word against another. If it was any other criminal offence the cps would throw it out, it would never even make it to court. The prosecuting barrister said at the end of his closing statement “why would they lie?” I wanted to scream, she has already admitted she had lied about the video, it was about money and revenge, it is that simple, I dread to imagine how many thousands in compensation they have managed to claim due to the mental damage caused, so much damage that on the day he was found guilty, she was posting selfies online with her friend, nowhere near the court.

As I said false allegations are very rare, that’s what we are told, after all it's not like politicians to lie!

This to me stinks of corruption, and I will keep fighting.

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