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Anger and sorrow

The words, feelings and artwork of some of those affected by false allegations

I'm truly Innocent

by Lyn Crabtree © 4/8/22

(A falsely accused lady)

A False Allegation has become my crime

I'm truly innocent, but I'm now doing time.

A false accuser is given full support from all the team

Surely they'll support me? No I'm wrong its a real Nightmare, and NOT just a dream.

No-one listened to me, no-one cared

Even at my trial the true evidence to the judge and jury wasn't shared.

What chance has a woman or a man in a system that isn't fair?

The jury couldn't have made a plan....but they had hung me right there!

A false accuser doesn't give a shoot

Because all they want is revenge, plenty of attention and all that LOOT!


Fake Survivor

Have you accused someone of a dreadful crime...

And you're over the moon to hear you won, and they are doing time?


You realise don't you what you've done...

The drama the lies, but it was so much fun!


Its just one person you really don't care.

But you just ruined a whole family, and gave them a life long nightmare.


The lies, the horror that you sowed...

I'm sorry that you carry such a heavy load!


Your time will come you Fake Survivor.

Because you are NOTHING but a complete LIAR!

by Lyn Crabtree © 4/8/22

By Jo

For all our Maintainers

Falsely Accused Day


This message is sent to let you know

You're thought of on this day

As the falsely accused get a voice

We're proud of you we must say.

Falsely accused day is just for US

The accusers had their day!

We've all tried to tell the truth and not been heard

But we still want to say....

Falsely accused day is NOT for liars

The truth it must be said

As we maintain our innocence

We can proudly hold up our head.

We continue to maintain our innocence

Because we know the truth

Today's a chance to be heard

As we will raise the roof!

False accusations are not rare!

False accusations stink!

Those who lie need to take the stand

And hear the JAIL keys clink!

By Lyn

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