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International Falsely Accused Day 2023 round up

I am pleased to announce that the first International Falsely Accused Day was a success. We had a good turn out in Liverpool, outside of HMP Liverpool. The "Wall of Faceless Victims" worked well as an eye-catching message, one which we will build upon with future events, hopefully it will become a recognised art project representing all those failed by an unjust, justice system. One which focuses on targets, not evidence.

We were delighted with the support shown from the public, it was encouraging to know that they believe in what we are trying to raise awareness of, that false allegations destroy lives and often lead to wrongful imprisonment. 

I am pleased to say I met some amazing people, and despite the devastating ordeals suffered by the majority, spirits were high and laughs were plentiful, and new friendships formed.

Below is a short video of us outside HMP Liverpool.

I understand that the peaceful demonstration outside of New Scotland Yard, London went well. It was attended by ex-MP Ann Widdecombe, who gave a speech on false allegations and the devastating consequences experienced by so many. She also spoke of the bias of police investigations, if they investigate at all.

It is refreshing to hear someone of prominence speak out regarding false allegations, you can see her speech below.

International Falsely Accused Day 
September 9th 2023

I am proud to announce that Fighting for the Falsely Accused has teamed up with Lyn Crabtree, the founder of Falsely Accused Day, to welcome the first International Falsely Accused day.

Falsely Accused Day was the Brainchild of Lyn, after finding herself and her husband falsely accused. The first Falsely Accused day taking place in 2020, since then it has grown rapidly, with events taking place worldwide, showing the extent of the problem.


We welcome you to join us, and put an end to the devastating consequences that affect millions of people every year.


This International Falsely Accused Day we really need you to be with us. In numbers there is strength.


  • We want the powers that be to hold their hands up and say "we got it wrong" and we will not stop until that happens. 

  • We want a review into those men and women held in prisons around the world, convicted without evidence, just one persons story. 

  • We want an end to the compensation scheme which is widely advertised, as risk free ££'s, often without the need of a court appearance, let alone a guilty verdict in a court of law. 

  • We want police to investigate claims made by the "complainant" rather than the victim-focused approach presently recommended by Government. An investigation should be free from bias and conducted impartially. 

  • We want our basic Human Right of being innocent until PROVEN guilty, instead of the current guilty unless you can prove your innocence.

If you really cannot be with us at an event please consider sponsoring a faceless mask, to represent all of the faceless victims of false allegations. Which we will be displayed outside HMP Liverpool.

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