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False Accusers

Currently people who are accused of rape can be named. Parliament has considered the idea of anonymity for those accused of rape on numerous occasions. In the 1970's, it legislated to introduce anonymity for rape complainants and defendants, anonymity for defendants was later repealed.

In 2010 after an assessment undertaken it was concluded there was insufficient, reliable evidence to justify a change in the law.

People who allege they are victims of certain sexual offences receive lifelong anonymity. It is a criminal offence to publish the complainant's identity or any information that might lead to them being identified.

It is argued that it is unfair that potentially innocent defendants do not receive similar protection. It is partly on this basis that anonymity was provided to defendants as well as complainants in rape cases in 1976.

Parliament repealed anonymity for defendants in rape cases in 1988. It argued that comparison should not be made between a rape defendant and an alleged victim.

Those in favour of reform argue that there is a particular stigma attached to allegations of a sexual nature, which result in harm to the defendant.

Those who oppose the change counter the argument that the public well understand the principle of "innocent until proven guilty" and the distinction between being accused and convicted.

They have said that for defendants to be treated differently in rape cases could only imply that rape complainants are less reliable than complainants in other offences.

The Labour Government during passing of the Sexual Offences Act 2003, gave as one reason for not changing the law, that it avoided giving the impression that there is a presumption of doubt about the credibility in sex offence cases.

Which is exactly what there is, it is a system based on automatically believing the so called "victim". This leads the defendant having to prove their innocence, therefore they are seen as "guilty until proven innocent".

Below is a few of the false accusers that have been proven liars, the list should include so many more.

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