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Benny Hill and the Bullies in Blue

If you imagine benny hill, running around doing his stupid waddle run, while the benny hill theme music is playing in the background, that is how I see our Great British Police force. A farcical collective of hall prefects and lunch monitors that believe the badge makes them untouchable, target and result focused looking for that A* grade, and pat on the back, which they need to validate their importance (obviously there are exceptions, but unfortunately, they tend to be in the minority), and just like all bullies, once they have picked the poor unfortunate person, they will pull out all the stops to make their lives hell.

Elegant Title

One such example of this would have to be those lovely “bullies in blue” in Humberside. Having picked their target, a victim of false allegations, a victim that has had to endure years of lies and persecution, who is still fighting their way through the appeal courts, can you think of anyone better?

The Benny Hill element of their vindictiveness shows on their latest attempts.

This man has, for almost 10 years driven up and down the country, in his light green Corsa van (previously a white van), visited various police stations, all with no issues. The car does say on it “unmarked police car” but do not think for a second this is meant seriously; it is one of them old fashioned things called a “joke”.

Now some of the “bullies in blue” are obviously not immune to the concept of a joke, there have been three occasions where he has been given the thumbs up from traffic units, followed by howls of laughter. This vehicle has been seen by many, many people who have seen the humour in it, but there’s always the odd one, or in this case two!

The beginning of October, he met two “bullies in blue” who had undergone a sense of humour amputation, and threatened him on multiple occasions, that they would arrest him for impersonating a police officer, to which he invited them too.

Now, even "dumb and dumber" must have had half a braincell working as they decided better of it.

However, having had enough of the harassment, as it was becoming a bit of a habit, he then decided to make a complaint quite rightly to the Professional standards.

Now obviously impersonating a police officer is a serious offence, I understand that they can prey on the elderly and vulnerable, so therefore it should be taken seriously.

However, when you see the photos of this man impersonating a police officer, it does make you go "UGH????".

I do love the bike though...

As you can see, they are the spitting image of each other.

I know, the intelligence level of the "bullies in blue" is outstanding, but at least the Jaffa cakes are safe!

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