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Fighting for the falsely accused

False allegations = The Witch-hunt

There is an accepted form of discrimination prevalent in society, that for some reason is endorsed by the media, the authorities, the courts, and the government. This discrimination has led to a frightening and appalling consequences, that have destroyed thousands of lives, and unless addressed immediately, will continue to devastate thousands more.

This is the modern-day witch-hunt. The similarities between the witch-hunts of the 14th to the 18th centuries and today are staggering.  There is much information about how fear, accusations, and prosecutions actually occurred in villages, local law courts, and courts of appeal in Roman Catholic and Protestant cultures in western Europe.  

I am saddened to say, things have not improved, just the roles have been reversed. The witch-hunts typically targeted women, whereas now it’s men that are hunted. Men are the only unprotected demographic left in the western world. I never thought I would see an MP stand in the Houses of Parliament, and announce that, for the safety of women, all men should have their freedom restricted, and be subject to a curfew. Could you imagine a MP saying the same against people of colour?

Men have found themselves in an extremely vulnerable position, the equality struggle has resulted in men becoming the victims of a discriminatory society. The saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is certainly relevant. It only takes one lie to destroy a whole family’s world, once that accusation has been made, it can never be taken back. There are various reasons someone would make an accusation, revenge, regret, jealousy, legal aid qualification, and of course money.

The complainant, after reporting their accusation, is immediately entitled to claim compensation through CICA, that is thousands of pounds of taxpayer’s money, regardless on a verdict, regardless of it proceeding to court, regardless of the accused even being arrested. If this is not an incentive to make an accusation, I really don’t know what is. The argument that people wouldn’t lie about such despicable crimes is completely unfounded - is a lie any more despicable than stealing from, or hurting a vulnerable person, a crime which happens every day, all around the world?

When a man is falsely accused of domestic or sexual assault, absolutely no evidence is required as one person’s word is enough, and in these cases, it is classed as evidence, unlike in many other forms of crime, which it is classed as hearsay, and a case based just on one person’s story would not proceed to court. This is aided by the current narrative


in the media, that the police forces are failing the so called “victims” a term that immediately implies guilt. We have a government that is focused on targets, so much so that in December 2021 Dominic Raab brought in scorecards to give “victims”, confidence in the justice system and track performance, not just at a national, but at a local level.

A guilty verdict should be reached after being presented with evidence, not a story - why should one person’s word be of more value than another? Our criminal justice system should be based on “Evidence Not Targets”.

This is highly comparable to during the height of the witch trial era. There was a general disregard for real evidence, society was suffering from an irrational hysteria. The accused was presumed guilty, and there was a method, involving several degrees of torture, which would increase in intensity and brutality, all of which would be observed, and recorded by a clerk, with the aim of extracting a confession, it was an extremely exceptional occurrence that the torture resulted in an acquittal. There are many of us who have been affected. We have had our families ripped apart, many by a justice system that doesn’t require evidence, and many that have been destroyed by the years spent on bail or under investigation, unable to work, losing their homes, family and friends, after all “there’s no smoke without fire”.

This witch-hunt must stop now, enough is enough, lets require evidence once again in our courtroom. Please show your support to the thousands of people that have been affected by this injustice. 

Join us this Falsely Accused Day
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A statement written by former MP K Harvey Proctor, read out at the candlelight vigil outside the Royal Court of Justice.


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